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As we continue to look for a bakery storefront, you can find our fresh products 6 days a week at the Coast Fork Farm Stand and Buying Club.
90 S 10th Street
Cottage Grove, Or 97424


Baked Fresh Daily

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Introducing our innovative Community Supported Bakery (CSB), a fresh take on the traditional CSA model. At our CSB, we're redefining the way you enjoy bakery products by offering a direct connection between our artisanal bakers and you, our valued member. Just like a CSA, you'll become an integral part of our community, supporting local, sustainable baking practices while receiving delicious, freshly baked goods made with care and quality ingredients. Join us in this unique culinary journey where each loaf of bread, pastry, and treat tells a story of craftsmanship and flavor.

Coming Soon

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About  the Bakery

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A small, grassroots Artisan Bakery is taking shape in Cottage Grove, Oregon. The Bohemia Bakery is excited to start offering more to the community!

We proudly use old world techniques and skills to bring the authentic flavors of European baked goods to your table here in Oregon. Locally sourced ingredients, organic options and small batch products keep the quality consistent with both your and our standards.

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